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 DELER Length Grader, Indent cylinder type, Separates one or two kinds of broken or shorter grain from whole grain by length. Broken grain or shorter grain which is more than half of whole grain in length cannot separate from whole grain by a sieve or thickness/width grader. Accordingly, this machine is must for rice miller and exporters who wish to obtain the high quality products.

The grader consist of a horizontal cylinder made of high tensile steel sheets segments with pressed pocket shaped indentation, Which separates rice according to the length. The grain is input at one end of the cylinder. Specially formed spreaders in the cylinder rapidly distribute the rice to ensure that all the grains come into contact with the indent surface of the cylinder.
The unbroken rice been of longer flows over the pocket and broken rice are caught in the pockets, as the cylinder rotates they are lifted upto a certain point after which they drop out into a collecting through and are removed. By screw conveyor by a worm and wheel mechanism, the trough can be made to swivel about a central axis and fixed in any desired position. An indicator show the position of through.

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